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Seán HawkerCoaching with a difference

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Check your grip! Too strong a grip could lead to a hook. Also, if your right hand is gripping stronger than your left, it could cause the right wrist to rotate excessively and close the club face. A proper golf grip is vital. Check your alignment, make sure that your hips, shoulders, and feet are in the correct position. To help you line up correctly just lay two clubs down parallel to your target, one infront of your feet line and another behind behind the club at address.




Swing path is the most common reason for a push is the swing. An in-to-out swing path can be caused by throwing your arms ahead of your shoulders, or having your hips ahead of the impact area. All of this means you will slide into the ball rather than make a proper hip turn through the shot. Another reason could be the ball too far back in your stance, this would cause you to "block" the shot and not hit it at the key point in the swing arc. Try moving it further forward in your stance if you feel this is the case.



Topping the ball:

Raising up during the backswing or downswing will cause you to top the ball. All too often a player will straighten their hips slightly and in doing so this motion will lead to the sole of the club to hitt the top of the ball. It is important to maintain the same height throughout the swing, additionally keep your knees flexed through the swing, don’t let them straighten up. So finally keep your eyes on the ball and you will be forced to keep your head down during your downswing, your head should only come up with the momentum of the follow through.




Check your posture because a fat shot can be caused by having the ball too far forward at address or if you are standing too close to the ball. Such a setup creates a situation whereby the lowest point of the swing is behind the ball, this will make you prone to hit a fat shot. So make sure you shift your weight properly on your downswing from right to left. On your upswing your weight will move to your right side and on your downswing you should transfer it to your left side. 


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Quick Tips

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